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Why use the agile methodology

utilizar la metodología Scrum

Scrum is the most widely used agile methodology in the world (followed by Kanban) and, as such, it has the characteristics and advantages that distinguish the Agile philosophy. It seeks, like all agile methodologies, to achieve a product of the highest quality, in the shortest possible time. Today we tell you why to use the Scrum methodology for project management.

What are the differential features of Scrum?

  • Develop the project in cycles, iterations or sprints that can last between one and three weeks. The tasks that are carried out during these periods are defined in a meeting (Sprint planning) that takes place before each cycle (sprint). This routine facilitates rapid adaptation to the environment and changes.
  • It allows to obtain advances of the final product every short period of time, at the end of each sprint. You can evaluate the results, the need for changes, and other factors through another team meeting, and decide what the next steps will be in the next iteration.
  • It has multidisciplinary teams capable of executing the entire project management process. They decide what responsibilities they can commit to to meet the next cycle.
  • Respect the requirements within the current iteration. The tasks estimated in the Sprint planning must be fulfilled. If for some reason forced changes arise, it is recommended to cancel the sprint and start over. The biggest cost here is the loss of an iteration of no more than three weeks.

What benefits highlights Scrum?

  • Agility. The working groups focus on the important aspects: to achieve quality products, as quickly as possible.
  • The speed of execution. It is possible to go on the market soon.
  • Sensitivity to changes in the environment: competition, customers, stakeholders, technologies, markets and other external factors.
  • Evolutionary development. It aims at continuous improvement and an increasingly agile process.

How do we use Scrum in MyTaskPanel?

It should be noted that MyTaskPanel has not been specifically designed for project management with Scrum, but to manage them, in general, with agile methodologies. However, among its functionalities, MyTaskPanel allows:

  • Organize projects in iterations.
  • Load and define the roles of the work team.
  • Estimate in story points each task within the board.
  • Create the projects in Kanban style boards.
  • Move tasks through different groups or states within a project.

Knowing why to use the Scrum methodology is essential to decide if it is the best option for managing your projects. And, if so, define if it will be convenient for you to follow its characteristics and principles or it will be more appropriate for you to select only some aspects of the Scrum process, according to your own company, business and / or product.

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