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What you should know to avoid the failure of a digital project

to avoid the failure of a digital project

Regardless of whether you are thinking about a service or a digital product, before carrying out the project, you have to take into account the keys to avoid possible failure.

Below, we tell you what tips we think are the five most important ones:

Be prudent with the first investments

Although every beginning requires an effort of time and money, the optimum situation would be to make a small, effective and concrete investment in order to recover it in a reasonable period of time. When the business begins to grow and pay off, you can increase your investments.

At first, if possible, remember to use free or low-cost software. Select key characteristics for your minimum viable product (MVP), establish stages and avoid starting a new one until you have finished the previous one.

Make sure you have a quality proposal and know how to transmit it

When creating your website, ensure that potential clients find, at first glance, what they are looking for and avoid a graphic design that is too baroque. Everyone should see clearly what you are selling, without animations that act as a distraction.

Know the actions of the competition

Look at your competitors to always keep the references in mind. Without the need to imitate them, take them as a lesson from both good decisions and mistakes.

Just like your company, the competition will also suffer changes of course, problems and disappointments. Recognize your priorities and objectives to define strategies that help you reduce the consequences of those bad times.

Define clear objectives for the entire company

Set the necessary objectives by hierarchy: quarterly, monthly and weekly. And every time you reach them, don’t forget to acknowledge them.


As a suggestion, you can choose a tool to record this information: efforts, deadlines, problems, costs, delays.

Take care of company staff

For the company to function satisfactorily, the team must feel developed and satisfied with its work. The worst thing that could happen to your company is that the staff is in a situation of monotony and technological stagnation.


Your professionals must understand the business and know the objectives and strategies in the medium and long term. You can periodically introduce resources that provide other insights and new knowledge.

Do not hesitate to seek the advice of experts in business management and not only in technology. In general, someone very technical will give you good advice on architecture and infrastructure, but they will not think too much about whether your project is commercially viable or not. If you have any questions, write to us without charge or commitment.

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