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Learn how to use the GTD method to gain productivity

GTD method to gain productivity

Are you managing several projects and need to get organized? There are various techniques to manage time and achieve the desired organization. In this post, we tell you what you need to know about the GTD method to gain productivity and manage each project successfully.

What is the GTD method

The GTD (Getting Things Done) method is a time management strategy, based on the principle that the more information you try to retain in your memory, the less productivity and concentration you will achieve.

Every time you add a new task to your mental list, your brain needs to go back over everything it has recorded to re-prioritize with this new task in mind. The idea is to not occupy the brain’s capacity for that, and instead use an external source to organize tasks.

In simple words, the Getting Things Done method proposes the following stages: gather the pending tasks, define the priorities and times for each one, organize them, execute them when you have to do it and review the list of tasks from time to time.

Main advantages

  • It reduces stress and helps to gain productivity.
  • It allows you to focus your energy and concentration on what you have to do.
  • It makes it easy to have all the pending work organized, prioritized and centralized in one place.

This is how we put it into practice in simple steps

  1. Once you have collected all the tasks, look for a tool that allows you to manage them. It is key that it is accessible and comfortable for daily use.
  2. Create groups (or columns) to differentiate the different types of tasks. Try to make them very different to facilitate the visualization of pending work.
  3. Add all the tasks within each group and include a description for each one to clarify and detail what you need.
  4. Prioritize tasks. Add a category or a number that allows you to see the priority of each task.
  5. Assign the execution dates and those responsible (only in cases where another person is the executor).
  6. Check the list regularly. Define a day of the week to carry out the review, dedicating the attention it requires.

To conclude, we would like to comment that, without a doubt, this strategy is a good start to organize yourself better. If you dedicate yourself to managing several different projects and have pending tasks in different workspaces (or even in your mind), we recommend incorporating the GTD method. Remember that MyTaskPanel can be your best ally for this.

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