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7 tips to organize the work week

organizar la semana laboral

It is normal, every so often, to feel that time does not yield and that before starting the week we are already behind schedule that we will not be able to solve. To avoid these moments, we have put together a list of 7 tips to organize the work week. Incorporate these tips and notice the difference.

1. Choose two priorities

Before starting the first day of work, it would be good for you to define what are the two big priorities that you really want to accomplish in the week. These should be two important tasks that are going to help you grow your business.

2. One topic at a time

First, determine the most important topic for your company at the moment and focus on it. Create a plan, search for information, ask, learn and try: all actions around that focus topic. If suddenly another topic comes up that is not related, our advice is to write it down for another time.

3. Group tasks into blocks

Try to collect the same tasks in blocks. You will see how useful it is to start an activity and immerse yourself in that topic: many ideas will appear to help you solve tasks faster. In the end, you will free up time to work on unforeseen events or unique tasks.

4. Try to let it go and recharge energy

When solutions or ideas don’t come, put that task aside and focus your energy on a very different activity. Work on another thing that has been left undone or take a few minutes to clear your mind. It is likely that by going back to the task that didn’t work out, you’ll finally be able to solve it more easily.

5. Eliminate all distractions

Before starting an important task, remove everything that distracts you. Put the phone aside and if possible, on silent. Turn off notifications from social networks and emails. In short, dedicate yourself to this task for a couple of hours in a row and put all your energy and concentration into it.

6. Plan the whole week

You can take advantage of Friday afternoons when you finish the workday or, if circumstances don’t allow it, use some time on Saturday or Sunday to organize the following week. Make a list to clear your head and then schedule everything: tasks, meetings, activities, appointments, phone calls. Do not forget to put dates on what you consider must be fulfilled within a certain period.

7. Categorize the tasks

Differentiate with a color or a nomenclature the important tasks from those that are not, taking into account the current week. Then, using another category, define what are the urgent tasks, those that you need to work on the first days of the week. This will give you a clear vision to start off on the right foot.

Concluding with these tips to organize the work week, we recommend that you use a digital tool, a simple management software that allows you to plan your tasks and projects. Remember that MyTaskPanel is an easy and intuitive option to do it.

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