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The step by step to manage a CRM with MyTaskPanel

llevar un CRM

Although MyTaskPanel has not been created specifically to act as CRM, you should know that if you need a simple program to control leads and opportunities and sales closings, our management tool can help you. Today we share the step by step to manage a CRM in your company.

Step 1: Structure

Create a group (column) for each stage within the sales circuit that you have defined. In our case, those groups are: Stakeholder, Pending Meeting, Pending Information, Pending Proposal Submission, Proposal Tracking, and Customer / Nurturing.

Step 2: Charge

Load the leads in the corresponding columns. Each card should have at least the name of the contact, company, email and / or LinkedIn profile. And do not forget to assign a person in charge to take care of advancing the card in the circuit, as well as an expiration date to know what is the expected date of the next communication with the contact or the control of the status of said lead. You can also add tags to categorize the lead, either by its origin or potability.

Step 3: Advance

Keep a record of the contact shots and the progress of each card by writing a summary in the comments. We put a pre-arranged meeting as a case. After the meeting, you complete the results and move the contact card to the next column (Pending information or Proposal submission). You update the date and the person in charge if necessary. After submitting the proposal, you pass the contact to the follow-up group and make the necessary modifications.

Step 4: Close

The circuit ends when the proposal is accepted or rejected; that is, when the contact becomes a customer or joins the nurturing list if there are relationship possibilities in the future.

The idea of knowing this step by step to manage a CRM with MyTaskPanel is to have an easy and practical alternative to keep control of the leads and the process of transforming an opportunity to a real customer.


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