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Get to start project management successfully

to start project management

Are you going to start a new project soon and still haven’t defined the first steps? Today we’ll give you some tips and recommendations to start off on the right foot. Read on and learn how to start project management successfully.

How to begin managing a project?

The kick-off or beginning of a project occurs once all parties agree to the conditions of that project and completion is confirmed.

This meeting is held so that all those involved in the project agree with the characteristics and methodologies of the project. During the kick-off, the following topics are usually discussed:

  • The general plan of the project.
  • The objectives, the goals that you want to achieve.
  • The deliverables (which ones will they be and in what order they will be addressed).
  • The timeline (according to the work methodology).
  • The resources (who are those involved in the project).
  • The work methodology (how the development of the project will be managed).

To coordinate all this, it is essential to hold two meetings.

First meeting

On this occasion, the sponsors (those who support the project), the stakeholders (those interested: the client and their team), the product owner (the one who knows the product best) and the team managers (all those who in some way are in charge of the project team: account manager, scrum master, tech leader). The development team, however, is excluded for the time being.

The meeting usually lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour. All the points named above are reviewed to ensure what was agreed, in addition to the following:

  • An agile communication plan is established (it is time to define a chat tool, such as Slack or similar).
  • Ceremonies or key meetings are determined during the management of the project, such as: planning (to plan what features are going to be developed in the next sprint), dailies (to keep a daily follow-up) and reviews (to present the project). product obtained after the sprint).

Second meeting

The appointment for this meeting is defined, in general, at the end of the first one. On this occasion, the product owner and the work team (the scrum master, tech leader and the rest of the members involved) will attend. The duration is usually about 30 minutes or 1 hour. Before starting it, the team manager takes care of reviewing the summary of the previous meeting with the team so that they are already aware of the entire project.

During this second conversation, the work plan is summarized and the following are taken into account:

  • Special considerations or requirements.
  • Technological or planning warnings.

In both cases, the aim is to avoid risks or resolve unforeseen events that endanger the performance of the project.

Next steps

Once the kick-off meetings have concluded, the first planning is carried out, before starting the first sprint and putting the project into operation. The tasks and meetings defined sprint by sprint are developed, respecting everything that was agreed from the beginning.

To start project management successfully, do not forget the following steps: to agree on methodology, objectives and those responsible, to establish forms of communication and to consider particular requirements and technological alerts. Also remember to have a tool that helps you manage the tasks and the project team. MyTaskPanel can help you.

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