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Project management software: Why to use MyTaskPanel

project management software

As the leader of a company, you must feel the need to have applications and systems to carry out and/or automate different tasks and processes. Because we know about these cases and have worked with them, we created a web program to handle projects with easy and intuitive features. MyTaskPanel as your project management software is the key to streamline work and get the results you expect.

Top 6 reasons for choosing MyTaskPanel

Our users choose to manage their projects with MyTaskPanel because of the following reasons:

  • Simplicity to understand and use the functionalities within the tool.
  • Set of preconfigured and appropriate features to get you started.
  • Possibility of managing projects with agile methodologies: to organize the tasks in Scrum iterations or create the cards on a Kanban board.
  • Graphs and analytics, namely: Timeline, Calendar, general and particular Dashboard of each project, ideal for controlling projects and having different views of the current state.
  • Record of working times, by using an easy and practical table for each member of the team, involved in the projects.
  • Free plan with every feature. The paid version is one of the cheapest on the market including more storage space, a larger team and multiple accounts.

3 advantages of being an active user

  1. If you are managing projects for a client or have an external person who needs to access the project, it is possible to invite them to participate as guests, giving them a “read-only” view to check the status of the project.
  2. When you lead a team of professionals with whom you manage different projects remotely and you need to meet deadlines and objectives, MyTaskPanel allows you to gather, in the same workspace, all the information of the projects, in such a way that you can have a quick and concise overview of your work.
  3. The Project in stages option proposed by our tool leaves a multilevel iteration tree at your disposal, to organize and plan projects in different phases and stages, with an ease that is worth noting.

In order to manage their projects, many companies are already using MyTaskPanel, our management software and flagship product. It helps you keep control of projects without losing hours or clients along the way, in the most agile and simplest way. Try it for free here and start using MyTaskPanel as your project management software.

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