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How to gain productivity with the Ivy Lee method

Ivy Lee method

Do you have to carry out many tasks and need to find an easy way to organize yourself? In this opportunity, we tell you everything about the Ivy Lee method. Keep reading and know the steps to gain the much desired productivity.

What is the Ivy Lee method? Benefits and origin

The Ivy Lee method is a time management technique that is very easy to implement: it is simple and effective, because you only need a pencil and paper. Its main benefits are: reducing the stress of making decisions, saving time and prioritizing objectives.

In the early 20th century, businessman Charles Schwab, president of one of the world’s largest steel companies, hired consultant Irving Lee. His intention was to improve the organization of his time to slow down the pace of work. The consultant taught him an effective method in a very short time. Later, that technique became known as the Ivy Lee method.

Steps to implement the Ivy Lee method

    1. Begin with a list: At the end of the working day, take a few minutes to write down the six most important tasks for the next day. You should never aim for more than six.
    2. Organize all the tasks on the list in order of priority: think and define which is the most important task.
    3. Start the new day with the task that is in the first position. Avoid checking email and resorting to multitasking. You should focus only on the first task, work until it is accomplished, and then focus on the second.
    4. Check the priorities. If a task comes up that turns out to be urgent, add it to your list and delay one of the other tasks for the next day.
    5. Continue with the list until it is finished or until you have finished your work schedule. After each task, take a short break.
    6. Write a new list. At the end of the working day, the process starts again. You take a few minutes to write down the most important tasks for the next day or write down the tasks that you could not complete that day. Repeat the process every day.

General tips

  • Avoid checking emails first thing in the morning, the most important thing is that you focus on the task at the top of the list.
  • Forget looking at your phone while you’re working on the six tasks on the list. Wait for breaks to see messages and notifications.
  • Follow the list in order, this is key. At the end of the day, if there are any tasks left, you can move them to a new list of six tasks for the next day.
  • Avoid working to the point of exhaustion. It is better to take a break from time to time to clear your mind and recharge your batteries.

In short, the Ivy Lee method could be a fundamental technique for you to optimize your time. Remember that it is always possible to combine time management methods; try for example to use the Ivy Lee method with time blocking. You can start implementing this technique using MyTaskPanel.

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