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Learn to prioritize team tasks

prioritize team tasks

Once again, it seems that the work exceeds the capabilities and time of your company. More and more tasks come up and join the to-do list. You think that this time you will not make it, that there is no way to get there on time. But you are wrong, of course it is possible. Therefore, today we tell you some keys so that you learn to prioritize team tasks and manage to manage the projects successfully.

Where do you start when everything seems important?

Although all tasks may seem equally fundamental, we assure you that there will always be a group that carries more importance. And this is where you have to start. But to identify it, you should mark a series of priorities. Thus, you will be able to start with the certainty that you are doing the right thing.

The prioritization of tasks brings several benefits for the performance of the team; we believe that the most valuable are:

  • Take advantage of the strengths of the members, establishing a person responsible for each action.
  • Ensure that responsibilities are achievable for all team members.
  • Adapt due dates and project objectives when necessary.

3 tips to prioritize tasks

1- Relate tasks to team goals: review the list and define which goal each task assists with. This will help you to focus on the work with the greatest impact rather than the easier one, and decide if it is a really important task or one that just seems like it. If you can’t find a relationship between a task and a goal, move on to the following.

2- Analyze the tasks by determining if:

  • Urgent and important – they should go to the top of the list and be the priority.
  • Urgent and not important: that is, those that can be delegated.
  • Not urgent, but they are important: they need a space on the agenda to consider them.
  • Not urgent, nor important: you can remove them from the to-do list, at least for the moment.

3- Take into account other aspects to prioritize. You must keep in mind:

  • Impact of the task on the objectives, the team and the clients.
  • Effort involved in completing this task.
  • Speed with which they can complete the task.
  • Safety of the team to successfully solve the task.

What to do if the deadlines are close?

The only secret is to maintain clear and efficient communication. Find the tasks that you will not be able to complete in a timely manner, and talk to those interested, telling them that the work has exceeded them and that they need to delay the due date. Set up a new date to send the work, one that you know you will respect. However, keep in mind that a date change should be an exception and not a rule.

In short, prioritizing team tasks is essential to achieve a more organized and productive daily work, reducing the stress of uncontrollable peaks of activity. With MyTaskPanel, you can use tags, priorities, effort, and many other tools to create the task prioritization you need.

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