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The Pomodoro technique to optimize project management

Pomodoro technique

Do you work on several projects and need to organize your time to fulfill the tasks? In this opportunity, we share what you need to know about the Pomodoro technique to optimize project management. Discover its utilities and how to implement it.

What is the Pomodoro technique and how to get the most out of it

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management strategy that consists of work sessions separated by short, frequent breaks. For example: taking 25 minutes for work and 5 minutes for a break (a 30-minute pomodoro). After four ‘pomodoros’, a longer break is taken.

The main objective is to tackle one task at a time and, thus, stimulate productivity and reduce mental fatigue.

Pomodoro technique

For the Pomodoro Technique to be effective, you have to eliminate all distractions and commit to meeting the times for each session.

Steps to implement this technique

  1. Create a prioritized list of tasks.
  2. Set one or more pomodoros for each.
  3. Time the work times (25′).
  4. Take the break seriously (5′).
  5. After 4 sessions, take a 30′ break and return to point 3.

Advices and final thoughts

  • Efficiency is achieved after a time of practice.
  • You can search for “pomodoro timers”, already set up for Android or iOS.
  • It is possible to use this technique for certain times of the day and certain types of activities. Our recommendation is not to be strict, but to take the best of each time management tool and create your own system.
  • This technique is not applicable to large and complex tasks unless you break them down into smaller tasks (always a good idea).
  • It can be helpful to bundle several small tasks into a single Pomodoro session (answering emails, checking Slack messages, etc.).
  • It is recommended for slightly more isolated tasks that you can divide into small parts, in different pomodoros, and be reasonable with the times of each task.
  • The breaks after each session are planned to clear the mind, they must be respected as much as the work times. Try not to do anything that demands too much mental effort, so that the brain has the necessary time to rest, otherwise the technique will not be effective. You can walk, have a coffee, stretch, etc.
  • Adapt the time cycles (timeboxing) to your work-break cycle to ensure productivity and keep stress and interruptions low.
  • It is not necessary to use this strategy for all tasks or throughout the day, but only when you think it is convenient and effective.

Before concluding, we would like to recommend that, to optimize project management, the Pomodoro technique can be combined with others, namely Getting things done. In general, they are not exclusive, you can make a combination adapting them as best suits you. And, to complete the experience, try using MyTaskPanel and organize your tasks in the easiest way.

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