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How to be more productive at work

more productive at work

Do you feel that working time does not yield you as you would like? In this post, we bring you a list of keys and tips to gain the productivity you need during working hours. Read on and discover how to be more productive at work.

1- Get rid of distractions in the environment

This is an important point, especially if you work from home. We recommend that you have a separate office or desk, away from potential external distractions. The most advisable thing is to find a pleasant, clean and practical environment.

2- Learn about time management

Try different techniques to optimize time and achieve more productivity, namely: Pomodoro technique, Pareto principle and GTD method (getting things done). In short, different techniques and methods to know how to manage time.

3- Reduce routine and less important work

Decide what your true priorities are, what brings you benefits and relates to your mission and long-term vision. Focus on them. Also, try to standardize or automate routine tasks to save time.

4- Use the moments of greatest productivity

To define them, you need to know what are the times when you feel more energetic to carry out the longest and most complex tasks. If you have multiple meetings, try to schedule them in blocks of time. Reserve schedules to execute general tasks.

5- Take advantage of work without distractions

Some keys to this could be: activate the Do Not Disturb status in all digital tools that can distract you from your activities, avoid new messages and emails, and put the mobile phone on silent.

6- Avoid multitasking

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is not a friend to productivity. Focus on starting and finishing only one task. If this task is too long or complex, set a limit to know how far to go each day.

7- Prioritize important work

Define the objectives you want to achieve and develop the tasks that are linked to the realization of those objectives. Enter these tasks first, both in your list and in the calendar: it is the best way to give them the priority they need.

8- Reject the tasks that you cannot fulfill

Let’s face it, no one can take care of everything. Therefore, if you feel that there are tasks that you cannot execute due to lack of time, the ideal is to know how to say no. Faced with an emergency that is a priority, accept that you will not arrive with the previous task and take care of the unforeseen.

9- Seek efficiency in each project

Employs the Lean philosophy (achieve goals with the least amount of resources possible). Set clear goals for all team members. Simply put, avoid wasting key time on unnecessary tasks.

10- Delegate when appropriate

Don’t try to execute all the tasks, keep control of them and do the follow-up you need to know the status of each one. Delegate to the different members of the team those responsibilities that do not correspond to the strategic part.

If we learn to be more productive at work, we will be able to achieve our main priorities and move forward with the tasks accomplished. Remember that in this process MyTaskPanel can help you.

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