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Mini guide to understand project management with MyTaskPanel

mini guide understand MyTaskPanel

If you work daily in project management and you need an online tool that is simple and intuitive to implement as soon as possible, MyTaskPanel is the software that can help you. On this occasion, we share the mini guide to understand how to manage projects according to the types of users offered by the platform.

From the point of view of an Administrator user

The Administrator is the one in charge of all the projects in the account and must review the progress of each one.

  • You can see the complete projects and create or edit your own tasks and those of other users.
  • You have the power to create Accounts and Projects, invite users to participate in them and assign a specific permission to each one.
  • You have access to an inbox where you can check the tasks by projects and know which ones are planned, which are about to expire and which do not have a due date.
  • You can view a Dashboard, a Timeline and a Calendar per project, thanks to which you can keep track of assigned and unassigned tasks.
  • You have the privilege of entering the “Time Register”, edit the working times of all the members of the account, review the records already saved and export the table with the times in an Excel file.

From the point of view of a member user

Members are typically the ones assigned tasks by the administrator to complete on each project.

  • You can see only the tasks that you have assigned, those that you must execute and complete in the time they have designated.
  • By accessing the inbox, you find your tasks and have the option to edit them from there, post comments and upload files.
  • You can enter the Calendar and Timeline of each project in which you are part, but only to consult the information about your tasks.
  • When you enter the Dashboard, you have the possibility to observe the project in general or control your work in particular.
  • In the Time Register, you can view and edit only your working times.

From the point of view of a guest user

The Guests are those who want to review the progress of the projects.

  • You can see all the tasks and create new ones, but you cannot assign them to a person in charge (that is the administrator’s task), although you do have the option of uploading comments or editing the task detail.
  • You have access to the Calendar and the Timeline, to discover all the tasks of each project.
  • As for the Dashboard, you will find there only the graphs, filters and indicators of the project that you need to control.

Summarizing this mini guide to understand project management, whether you need to manage a business project, marketing, software development or any other similar field, MyTaskPanel will provide you with the necessary functionalities to meet the defined times and achieve the best results.

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