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Learn to organize the objectives of your company with MyTaskPanel

Organize the company objectives

Before starting a new project or advancing your company’s activities, it is essential that you define what the objectives will be, both annually and month by month. If you are a user of MyTaskPanel, read this note in which we tell you the step by step so that you learn to organize the objectives of your company using our program:

Step 1

Create a private account to share only with your team and, within it, a project with the name Goals. For this, choose the Agile Project option, as it will give you an iteration tree so that you can start completing the project folders.

Step 2

Use the iteration tree to create a folder, for example, for each area of the company with objectives specific to that area. You could subdivide the objectives of each folder according to the quarters, the quarters or the months of the year. It does not matter so much the alternative you choose, as long as you choose a clear division to be able to plan and do the indicated monitoring and control.

Step 3

Designate the different columns of the Kanban-style board with, for example, your strategic business units. Imagine that if they were your own objectives, you would be naming the columns like this: Personal, Economic, Professional, etc.

Step 4

Then get ready to upload the goals in the form of tasks. Assign a person in charge to carry out each one and a control date to check how far or close it is to being met. This date will be changing until it is finalized. As you progress from one quarter to the next, from one quarter to the next, or from one month to the next, you will be able to drag the goal until it is met. One possibility would be that you reach the goal before the estimated date to complete it.

Step 5

Use the fields in the edit panel for each task / goal. Register the work (progress, solved problems, etc.) in the comments, detail the objective in the description and complete the subtasks or checklist within the objective, in case you need it.

In short, organizing your business objectives will be easier than you imagined. MyTaskPanel has the appropriate functionalities to help you accomplish what you set out to do and achieve the goals that your company expects. Become an organization expert and go to the next level.

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