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Interview in CIO Applications magazine

Just a few months ago, a prestigious Silicon Valley’s magazine (CIO Applications) contacted us to let us know that we have benn selected among the Top 10 Agile Consulting / Service Companies in Europe 2020.  After being nominated by the magazine’s subscribers, their market research team reviewed carefully the latest Agile developments across Europe, through various sources. Finally, the advisory panel, together with the technical managers, decided the final list of those selected.
As part of this recognition, we shared an interview that they did us, below:

MyTaskPanel Consulting: Enabling Streamlined Workflow and Continuous Development

Oscar Valente

The journey of Spain-based MyTaskPanel Consulting is compelling. With cash crunch coming in the way of setting offices in three different locations, the founding partners of the company knew that they had to be creative and open-minded to keep their doors open. The team thrived on online collaboration tools such as Google Suite for Business to connect with its resources—analysts, programmers, designers—working remotely from Spain and Argentina. However, these tools led to huge complexity in administration. Soon MyTaskPanel adopted Agile methodology and conducted daily meetings using Slack and Google Meeting for videoconferences. 

Utilizing Agile, the company made several gains, and soon followed the idea of helping other companies achieve the same value through Agile. But, the market lacked an efficient Agile tool. “Unfazed by the challenges, we took it upon ourselves to build a robust Agile tool, and the rest, as they say, is history,” states Óscar Valente, CEO and COO of MyTaskPanel. 

As multinational companies and distributed teams grow and markets change rampantly, transparency and agility become crucial for any organization to stay competitive. A firm should be fully aware of the current phase and the status of its ongoing project at any time. In such a scenario, companies must focus on learning from previous mistakes and encouraging continuous improvement. MyTaskPanel Agile Software offers a practical solution that provides visibility into every phase of an IT project. The functionallyrich solution helps both the project managers and the clients to view the project map, iterations that compose it, and the tasks to be followed to maintain short iterations. Besides, the solution stresses fluid contact with stakeholders, transparency, and self-organized teams. The clients can also quickly comment on the tasks, upload files, and propose changes in priorities when required.

MyTaskPanel provides two different types of services, Agile outsourcing and software development. These services help clients successfully catalyze innovation, accelerate growth, improve time-to-market, and adapt to market conditions. Through Agile outsourcing, MyTaskPanel provides high-level Agile professionals. “We use both Scrum and Kanban for flexible iterations, depending on the clients’ project timeline. If the client has no specific requirement for the iterations, we make informed decisions based on our experience and expertise,” says Valente. 

Oscar Valente

For greater transparency, the company also outsources quality assurance and information security processes. On the other hand, the company’s software development service provides visibility throughout the development cycle.
MyTaskPanel is the ideal technology partner to develop solutions for a broad array of needs spanning web and mobile, IoT, home automation, and Robotic Process Automation projects, especially when the challenge is great and the time is a constraint.

In delivering Agile solutions, our team focuses on enabling a streamlined workflow to the clients for continuous development while taking care of the unique client requirements.

In all of its services, MyTaskPanel adapts to the client needs in every project. “Adaption is the essence of Agile,” Valente believes. “In delivering Agile solutions, our team focuses on enabling a streamlined workflow to the clients for continuous development while taking care of the unique client requirements.”
The company takes a partnered approach, guiding clients on the best possible way to achieve their goals. In an instance, Croowly, a cybersecurity solutions provider, approached MyTaskPanel to achieve minimum viable product (MVP) to market. MyTaskPanel worked as their technology partner and interacted with the different stakeholders in the project to build the desired MVP in time. 

CIO Applications magazine

 In the future, MyTaskPanel plans to upgrade the existing services and enhance the knowledge of its team in the areas of robotic process automation. The company will continue assisting clients in transforming their businesses and boosting the quality of their products with more streamlined workflows and new tools.

You can see the original article here: CIO Applications Europe

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