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How to manage a startup project with MyTaskPanel

manage a startup with MyTaskPanel

To carry out the creation of a startup, you will need to develop a plan in stages that will guide you through the process. If you have an idea in mind, read this list of steps that we detail below. There are 5 great phases so that you can manage a startup project with MyTaskPanel.

1. Definition of the idea

Once the project is open, establish the first iteration to develop and organize the idea. Define the end date of this stage and decide if you will divide it into several sub-stages to contemplate, for example: main objectives, mission and values, public, feedback from potential clients, etc.


You then begin creating the tasks that will need to be completed to meet the estimated time, before moving on to the next iteration of the project.

2. Determining the target market

By opening the second iteration with its corresponding date, you will be starting the phase to determine the market your startup will target. You will have to complete the characteristics of your potential client and decide, in a general way, the marketing channels, the prices, the means of communication and the advertising campaigns.


Use folders within the iteration to separate the themes you need to display. To exemplify, imagine that, in the so-called “Customer”, you load as tasks the current situation, problems and needs, purchase decisions and other important data that you have to find out.

3. Analysis of the competition

The third iteration will also serve to continue investigating. This time, you have to assign a date to estimate when you will finish the analysis of your competition. Create the tasks you need to separate the different indicators, namely: brand personality, value proposition, prices, communication channels, etc. In this way, you will have a visual overview of what are the solutions similar to your product or service.


As a possibility, you can consult your potential users to obtain opinions and valuable information to take into account.

4. Resolution of the security proposal

For the fourth iteration, it will be time to answer a series of questions to clarify the values, personality, strengths and differentials of your product. Develop how you will present your value proposition to potential clients.

5. Development of the Minimum Viable Product (PMV)

The fifth and final iteration should be divided into several stages that could be called: Organization, Execution and Review.


In each one of them, you will take care of completing the tasks that will lead you to complete the initial version of what will be your final solution. This Minimum Viable Product will help you to know what your customers need and how to include it in your proposal. Also, it will be very useful to get real feedback from your audience.

In summary, if you use MyTaskPanel, managing a startup project will not cost you too much. After creating an account and selecting your work team, load the project with the name you want and choose the Agile Project option. You will see a tree of iterations to start completing it as soon as possible. Take advantage of the ease and practicality of MyTaskPanel and start your management now.

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