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How to form a Scrum team

Scrum Team

Previously, we have talked about Agile, agile methodologies, and the reasons for using Scrum in project management. If you choose this last methodology to carry out the creation of products, you should know that it is important to bring together the best team to meet the objectives set. In this opportunity, we present you how the roles of the Scrum team for product development should be:

Peoduct owner: features and functions

  • He determines the characteristics of the product to be developed. He is the only reference to decide what and how it will be carried out.
  • He communicates to the rest of the team what the objective of the product is to maximize its value and optimize work.
  • He defines the order of priorities, recognizing the functionalities with the highest added value (either because they are superior in commercial, profitable or strategic terms).
  • He stablishes the acceptance criteria for each milestone or delivery. He is the one who needs the tests to evaluate the characteristics of the product.
  • He interacts with the customer or user to obtain feedback and define the best way to make and/or use the product.
  • He must understand and support the requirements of the stakeholders (interested in the product), while understanding the needs and operation of the development team.

Scrum master: features and functions

  • He is the facilitator, responsible for promoting and supporting the Scrum principles as stated in the official guide. As team leader, he keeps methodology flowing and development progresses, working to remove impediments.
  • He helps the team be productive so that the project progresses properly and results in the highest quality product possible. He solves the barriers and facilitates the information, in addition to other fundamental tasks for the completion of the work.
  • He maintains constant communications with the team, to identify the limitations and propose alternatives to solve them.
  • He is in charge of setting the limits, deciding how far one can go and how far it is not possible to comply.

Development team: features and functions

  • He is self-sufficient and self-organized: the team members are the ones who decide who performs each task. They do not need to depend on outside figures to carry out their functions.
  • He is in charge of executing the development of the product.
  • He is characterized by being multidisciplinary: he is made up of all the profiles necessary to work and obtain the product (developers, designers, analysts, technical leaders and other specialists in one area or another).
  • He estimates the costs and efforts of the new features to be implemented, produces them in the allotted time and delivers them with the highest possible quality, complying with the metrics that are defined.

If you define the Scrum team up front, there will be no doubt that you will be on the best path to obtain a product of the expected quality, in the shortest possible time. Remember that with MyTaskPanel you can build your team.

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