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How to create workflows: definition, benefits and steps

crear flujos de trabajo

If you have a company and you have to manage different projects, it will come in handy to create workflows that allow you to simplify certain processes. Today we tell you what this is about, what its main advantages are and what steps you need to follow.

What do we call workflows?

A workflow is a standardized series of tasks that are completed in a certain order, to achieve a specific goal. That flow does not refer only to the execution of the tasks, but also to the circulating information and the person or persons responsible for its execution. There are some complex flows and some quite simple ones.

Flowcharts are often used to graphically represent workflows. A Kanban board, for example, is a simple, but effective way to execute or carry out workflows once diagrammed, namely a CRM.

6 key benefits of having workflows

  1. Increasing productivity: it makes decision-making unnecessary in foreseeable situations and avoids deviations or omissions in the process.
  2. Producing consistent results, as the process is standardized.
  3. It improves the transfer of knowledge, because the entire process is diagrammed.
  4. Reducing risks by controlling all the variables that could influence the circuit. This leads to continuous improvement.
  5. Providing transparency and facilitating possible audits. It is clear both what has been done and what should have been done.
  6. It is the first step prior to automating the process. First, the work is standardized and then it is decided which part, if any, can be automated.

3 big steps and actions to create workflows

1- Planning

  • Define and collect the information needed to perform the workflow.
  • Enter the tasks.
  • Prioritize tasks and assign responsibilities.

2- Execution

  • Start doing the tasks.
  • Track progress.

3- Review

  • Approve when a task is finally done.
  • Issue reports and do certain analyzes to get results.

In short, creating workflows can be a fundamental key to facilitating the management of your projects and the day-to-day work in the company. Plan and organize the tasks and actions of your team. Remember that MyTaskPanel can help you.

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