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How to be a good project manager

a good project manager

If you dedicate yourself to project management on a daily basis, there are some questions that you must know in order to be the professional that your company needs. Today we tell you how to be a good project manager.

What does it take to be a project manager?

To be the best project manager for your company or business, you must have certain skills to carry out each project. Give up the idea of deciding in the moment; The most important thing is to plan and control the different stages to meet the requirements and goals in a timely manner.

Which are the stages you should follow during the management?

Project management involves a series of stages that both you and the team must follow in order to achieve the estimated objectives. Always remember the ones listed below:

1. Planning

Planning efficiently will help you avoid the most typical and general mistakes, which can cause the worst results, namely: erring on time and setting goals that are too demanding.

Specify, first of all, a great goal for the project. From there on, it would be useful to set yourself a series of minor objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary (SMART).

2. Execution and control

At this time, the entire team performs the scheduled tasks and organizes the steps to be followed. As this happens, as the project manager, you will have to control the work already done.

A good action would be that you stay away from the particular tasks and review the general status of the project. Verifying that the project planning is adequate, that the delivery deadlines are met (delivering a product of the desired characteristics and quality) and that the budget is respected are the main priorities during the control.

3. Closure

This is the phase to resolve unfinished issues and finalize the project officially. You could organize a retrospective meeting to discuss achievements and areas for improvement and prepare a closing report.

3 tips to be a more productive Project Manager

Delegate efficiently

Choose the professionals who will be in charge of the development and execution tasks, considering the strengths of each one. It is essential that you can recognize who has the most successful profile to fulfill these tasks in the established times and that they form a team (which is much more than a simple group of people).

Learn to solve and observe
Take the time to analyze the whole project in general and identify problems. Next, you should understand how to fix them in case they affect the project and be prepared for unforeseen situations.
The organization above all

Categorize, classify, assign dates and prioritize. A true project manager, besides organized, is methodical and follows a work routine in order to become more productive and agile. Time blocks and reminders for important activities and tasks are the key.

In short, being a good project manager implies knowing how to plan, knowing the stages of management and being able to control the project both at a general and a particular level. Sign up for MyTaskPanel and become an expert.

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