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How to choose the right project management software

right project management software

Do you manage the projects of your company or business and you would like to have a tool that helps you manage the team and tasks? If that’s so, this post is for you. Today we’ll list seven important reasons about how to choose the right project management software.

Working methodology

The features that you are going to need usually vary if you use agile methodologies or if you prefer to use Waterfall. In the first case, it is essential to be able to work with sprints, team management, multiple projects and a Kanban board, among other Agile functionalities. In the second case, a tool created on the basis of stages and structures, task link and Gantt chart will serve you more.

Easiness to use

If you only need to manage projects, the software you use should only have the features intended for this use. It is essential that you have a simple learning curve to get started quickly to use it on a day-to-day basis. Prioritize ease for both yourself and the rest of the team members. Check that it is simple to create and manage tasks, update the status of projects and immediately identify which cards correspond to each one.

Main functionalities

Having fulfilled the first two points, now you should know if the software has the main functionalities for the daily management of your projects. As an administrator, does it allow you to manage the number of users you need? What project monitoring and control tools can you have? Do you get an overview of each project and all of them together? Value that there are features to manage and control tasks. Inbox, labels, comments: the minimum functionalities to manage projects.

Project organization

A tool that gives you the option of grouping projects in an organized way will be the key to get off to a good start with management. If you have many areas to manage or numerous clients to attend to, being able to differentiate each one by categories, labels and/or colors is essential to have a clear vision and maintain control of each project.

Hours registration

Now considering more advanced functionalities, having the possibility of recording the working times of each professional would be very valuable. It would be appreciated if team members could log into the software and record their time (hours) or effort (story points) associated with the project, without having to resort to another tool.

Possibility of attaching files

It is interesting to be able to attach files at the task level and at the project level. When you first start projects, you may need to pass information about the project to the rest of the team. Therefore, it is essential to be able to upload documents before you start creating and assigning specific tasks.

Software price

Even if it is listed last, it does not mean that it is unimportant. You can have the perfect software for your company and your projects, but if the price is too high to pay, it will end up being a bad idea. Also make sure that it offers a trial version to check that it is the program you need.

In short, knowing how to choose the right project management software is key to a successful job. Always prioritize what is the methodology you use in your company and what is the learning curve of the software to use. Efficiency and time saving. If you tend to work with agile methodologies, we recommend that you try MyTaskPanel.

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