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Agile and agile methodologies

agile and agile methodologies

Today we begin a series of five notes that we will share about Agile and agile methodologies. We will specify Scrum, characteristics, benefits, team and work process.

What is agile?

We know Agile as a concept used by many methodologies, which focuses on achieving fast deliveries of the highest possible quality. We refer to both products and services. The intention of this is that the client understands the tasks carried out and can propose changes to benefit the expected results. Always taking time and cost into account.


Agile is designed to adapt to changes in the environment, since it proposes to advance with short sections to achieve results that can be validated and on which it can continue to improve. The biggest cost that could be paid is the ongoing iteration.

What are the benefits of agile methodologies?

  1. Get better results by working with high-performance teams.
  2. Integrate the client into the work team.
  3. Get quick feedback on the final product that is being developed.
  4. Continuous improvement thanks to time dedicated to reflection.

What are the principles of the agile manifesto?

The manifesto is the reference document on which the Agile philosophy and the rest of agile methodologies rest. In short, we summarize them like this:

  • The priority is to satisfy the customer, providing quality and speed in deliveries.
  • Requirements can change even in later stages.
  • Functional software is delivered frequently.
  • It works daily and together throughout the process.
  • It is important to constantly motivate the professionals who develop the projects.
  • Face-to-face conversation is taken as the most effective communication method.
  • Running software is the primary indicator of progress.
  • Sustainable development is promoted, maintaining a constant rhythm indefinitely.
  • Attention is paid to technical excellence and good design to improve agility.
  • The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.
  • The team takes advantage of the regular intervals to reflect and define how to improve.

In short, Agile and agile methodologies are the ideal way to manage projects in line with the current, evolving and changing situation.

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