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7 functionalities that you should ask from a tool to control your projects

7 funcionalidades

If you are the person in charge of managing and controlling the company’s projects, you will need to have a clear and specific vision of the status of each project. For this reason, on this occasion, we share the 7 functionalities that a tool should have to facilitate your task:

A general dashboard:

It would be important to show a summary of the current situation. Some valuable indicators could be: number of active, completed and delayed projects; number of tasks completed, planned, late, and no planned date; users with more assigned tasks and diversion days, if any.

A input tray:

You would have to gather all the tasks that you have assigned in all the projects. It would be very useful to control the tasks of each day, even more so if you could filter by selecting a project and / or tag in particular and edit the task you want from there.

A project dashboard:

It should serve to find the indicators you need in different charts, namely: tasks by category, status of tasks, assigned users, tasks by tag. Essential to review the status of the project and resolve doubts.

A timeline per project:

Intended so that you can visualize the stages of the project with start and end dates.

A calendar per project:

It would be essential that you show the project tasks with their due dates; great for seeing when scheduled tasks will be done.

A project board:

It would have to allow you to change the view and observe which are the finished tasks, which are in progress and which have not yet started, according to status, user or other category.

Filters within each project:

It should show you the tasks by user, priority, task type, due date or effort, depending on the option you choose and what you need to view at that time.

In short, these are the main features that we believe every project manager should have. For this reason, we recommend that you try MyTaskPanel, the management software in which we implement those much-desired features.

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