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6 reasons to choose MyTaskPanel as your management tool

razones para elegir MyTaskPanel

We imagine that if you have reached this note it is because you need a project management tool or are thinking of changing the program that you are already using. On this occasion, we will tell you what are these reasons to choose MyTaskPanel:

1. Ease of use

During the entire process of managing your projects, MyTaskPanel has functionalities that are simple to understand and implement in your day-to-day work. You will not need training, as the learning curve of the tool is low.

2. The focus on agile, small and medium projects

Our program will allow you to manage your team of professionals, control details, record working hours, structure projects in Scrum iterations, create and assign tasks on a Kanban board, analyze progress and deviations, etc.

3. The possibility of control through graphics and analytics

Among the features of MyTaskPanel, the Dashboard, the Timeline and the Calendar stand out, ideal for controlling projects (checking how far they advanced and how much they were delayed) and having different visions.

4. The easiest and practical time recording

When work time is loaded into the Timesheet, that load has an effect on the tasks on the project board that you are running. This possibility allows you to measure deviations indirectly, without having to dedicate yourself precisely to it.

5. The fair functionalities for management

MyTaskPanel has the necessary characteristics for project management, you do not have the need to configure special parameters according to the type of project, the company, the tasks or the team. To start managing your projects, you just have to assign them a name and define whether they will be public or private.

6. The free plan with all the features

Once you create your username and start using the free version of the tool, you will have access to all the functionality of the platform, a privilege that almost no other software offers. Create an account, organize your projects, analyze the percentages of progress and deviations, and record work times: all in one easy and intuitive program.


If you need to open more accounts to plan other types of projects, you have the paid version that is one of the cheapest on the market.

Now that we have told you the reasons for choosing MyTaskPanel the rest is in your hands. All you have to do is create your username and account, invite your team and start managing your projects.

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