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5 reasons to use agile methodologies in digital project management

agile methodologies

In the world of startups, there are markets that emerge and others that fade away. Therefore, in this ever-changing context, it is very difficult to handle structured methodologies. This way of managing by sequential stages (survey, analysis, development, etc.), despite being orderly, it would be more applicable if the circumstances and conditions didn’t change.


According to this reality, today we have decided to share the most important reasons to manage your digital projects with agile methodologies:

  1. To reduce the possible risks that may appear during the project, since it is adaptable and flexible. It allows you to change as fast as you need, using a short plan in which you arrange, for example, what you will do in the next fifteen days. This does not mean that you have a global vision of the entire project, it only implies that you focus on what is important and that you are flexible to changes in direction.
  2. To improve project visibility. Each completed iteration will deliver a more advanced and improved product than the previous one.
  3. To increase productivity. You will be closer to achieving the largest amount of deliveries in the shortest time and with the best possible quality.
  4. To improve the ability to manage changing priorities. It allows you to adapt to the needs of the market and your customers. This is because you do not try to design and plan the entire system, but, respecting a global architecture, you focus only on the next iteration and nothing else. Each iteration you finish is an opportunity to make changes and adapt the development to the latter.
  5. To reduce the cost of the project. The most expensive thing that could come up in the middle of the process would be the complete loss of an iteration within the project. Again, this is because incremental and evolutionary development is taking place.

In short, if you are in digital project management, we recommend using agile methodologies to be more flexible, forward-looking and decisive in your daily work.

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