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5 features of MyTaskPanel you won't find in Trello


Before we begin, we would like to remind you that both Trello and MyTaskPanel are project management tools. They have a Kanban-style board to record and manage tasks on independent boards or projects. In each task card, you can add tags, assign a date and a person responsible, create a checklist with subtasks, attach files and make comments. In addition, you have the possibility to invite your teammates to see and/or modify the created work.


However, despite agreeing on several features, MyTaskPanel differs from Trello by having 5 functionalities that can help you when managing more complex projects.

Grouping projects into accounts

The first thing you will have available when you finish creating your user in MyTaskPanel is the creation of accounts, in which you’ll be able to group the related projects.


The accounts can be public or private, depending on whether you want to give access to all the members or only those assigned.

Dashboard of the status of each project

When entering a project, you have the option of accessing a Dashboard, with valuable information on the most important aspects of the project’s status: level of progress, deviations, percentage of tasks by status and workgroup, productivity, etc.


Likewise, you will have another control panel at the general level of the company to see at a glance the status of the projects of all the accounts you are managing.

Dividing a project into iterations

When creating a new project, you can choose between the agile project or the Kanban board alternative. If you stick with the first one, you will find a multilevel iteration tree so that you can easily divide your project into phases and stages. And, within each one of them, you will see the board to load the tasks that you have to complete within the allotted period.

Project timeline

Another way to view projects is through a Timeline, similar to a Gantt chart in which you can see the time of dedication planned for different tasks or activities over a given total time.

Hours registration

When you are part of a team and you have to record the times used of everybody in each task, you can access the Time Registration menu. In which you will find a very simple table to select the project or activity, define the details of the tasks and load the hours with the minutes according to the corresponding day. All these variables are available to each registered user within your organization.

If you are currently using Trello and you begin to feel that it isn’t enough, because it does not meet your needs or because you are looking for a similar tool to manage your projects, you can try MyTaskPanel for free. Discover that managing agile projects can be simple and intuitive, without having to be left with just a simple task board.


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