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5 keys to manage projects in less time

gestionar proyectos en menos tiempo

As a project leader or manager, we are sure that you will be facing several different projects, some more complex than others. The truth is that if you want to meet all of them in the estimated time, you will need to know some secrets to shorten the duration of each one and increase your productivity. Today we tell you what are our keys to manage projects in less time, using MyTaskPanel or any other similar management program.

1. Eliminate distractions

To stay focused on current work, archive projects you’re not using. Clear your board so that you only have active projects. Otherwise, you can get confused and go to tasks that are not being executed, an action that would delay your work.

2. Identify the projects

In order to differentiate projects, whether by area, size, importance, class, clients, distributors or suppliers, we advise you to identify them with different colors, labels or nomenclatures. In this way, you will have a clear and quick overview of the variety of your ongoing projects.

3. Organize and complete the iterations

Divide each project into a series of iterations or stages. It is essential that you assign each one its corresponding start and end date. Within each iteration, create the tasks within each group or columns of the Kanban board. You can also assign labels to each card to differentiate them. Working in a methodical and orderly manner, you will come to fruition.

4. Define those responsible for execution

Once you have created the project tasks, keep in mind that you will have to assign each one to a person in charge. These people will be in charge of executing the tasks so that they advance from state to state (To do, Doing, Done). They will also be the ones to free you from updating tasks with appropriate comments and control dates.

5. Control the work

You should try to control the team leaders and not each resource, because it is the leaders who control those resources. In other words, you have to delegate the tasks to those in charge of carrying them out. Take advantage of the analytics and graphs (Dashboard, Timeline, etc.) to review the dates and the progress and deviation percentages, if any.

In short, managing projects in less time is feasible if you get used to following an organized work method and delegate daily tasks to each person in charge whenever possible.


Remember that MyTaskPanel is the simplest, most complete and agile management program.

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