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5 effective keys to manage a project with a Kanban board

manage a project with kanban

For those times when you have to handle maintenance projects, the ideal is to display the work on a Kanban-style board. Think of different stages in which you will progress and prepare to execute them. From here, today we tell you those 5 steps that you must follow to manage a project with the Kanban methodology.

1. Create the columns or lists you need

Once the project is open, we recommend that you decide what will be the lists or columns that you will need to carry it out. Establish each one and give them a name to identify them: they will represent each step in your productive circuit. The next action will be to start creating the tasks to run.


Usually in the first list or column, the backlogs will remain: improvements, problems to be solved, new features to implement, etc. In case of leading a technological project, a possible circuit could be the following:

  1. Backlogs
  2. ToDo or “Approved Backlogs”
  3. Doing
  4. QA
  5. Ready To Deploy
  6. Deployed

2. Enter the tasks into the resolution circuit

As a project administrator, in this step you will have to approve the tasks to be solved and drag them to the corresponding column or row. In other words, you will have to input them into the solve circuit.

3. Assign a responsible person to solve each task

After you approve the tasks, it is time for you to assign them to specific users, who are part of the project, to solve them. The user responsible for a task will enter to see it and make the necessary estimates before starting to work on it.

4. Define the most important indicators

If you are the administrator or the person in charge of the task, you should estimate the effort, select a priority and determine the due date. In this way, the task will be classified correctly; you will have the opportunity to analyze, later, the work in relation to it.

5. Work on such task to finish it on time

Finally, as the person responsible for carrying out the task, you must execute it to meet the estimated deadline. If you have a tool that contemplates comments, you can make a comment on said task for the administrator or project manager to review at the time of completing the task.

In short, when managing a maintenance project, the Kanban methodology will help you simplify the work and have a clear and complete view of the project’s progress.


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