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3 reasons to use a project management tool every day

herramienta de gestión de proyectos a diario

If you manage several projects with stages, tasks and those responsible for executing those tasks, you will surely need to keep track to control every detail. The best way to do this is to use a project management tool on a daily basis. Today we share the 3 most important reasons:

1. Global vision of the projects

A management program allows you to have a global vision of all projects, an essential benefit if you handle medium-sized projects or a large number of projects. You will have the visibility you need: you will be able to observe the progress percentages, know if you are ahead, behind or on time according to the estimated deadlines.

2. Transparency of team activity

In the case of managing projects for a client or having an external person who needs to access the project, with a management software you can invite them to participate as guests, giving them a “read-only” view so that they can consult the status of the project: calendar , inbox, task board, etc.

3. Detail of information on the tasks

Generally, a management tool offers you the option of completing each task with detailed information, namely: responsible, start and end date, effort points, subtasks, etc. This will be useful for reviewing data and checking how the work is going.

If reading this article, you have identified with these reasons, perhaps it is time to start using a project management tool on a daily basis. Without a doubt, MyTaskPanel can help you. In addition to the advantages mentioned, it allows you to keep a record of the work carried out. Professionals involved in projects can upload comments and record the hours they were working on each task for each project.


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