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3 reasons to choose MyTaskPanel over Asana


As management tools for all types of projects, Asana and MyTaskPanel have several points in common. They have a Kanban board for completing and managing tasks on independent projects. In the detail of each task, you can write a description, assign start and due dates, define a person in charge, place labels (editable), create a checklist with subtasks, attach files and upload comments.


In both cases, you have the possibility of setting up different work teams, inviting your colleagues to see the tasks and projects, and/or to modify what they want and need.


In this opportunity, we want to tell you the 3 reasons to stay with MyTaskPanel and dispense with Asana. Those are the ones mentioned below, improved functionalities that you can use when managing more complex projects.

Divide the work into different spaces, accounts and projects

On MyTaskPanel, when creating your user and your first workspace, you will find the option to generate different accounts that can be public or private (it will depend on whether you want all the members of your organization to access or only those specifically assigned to do so). In each account, you can group all the projects that are related, such as Kanban-style boards or agile projects.


Unlike Asana, if you need to separate your work from other very different tasks, perhaps because they belong to your personal goals, go to the profile and create a new workspace with your same email.

Organize and plan projects in iterations

By selecting the agile project option, you have a multilevel iteration tree at your disposal, so that you can organize and plan your project in different phases and stages, with the greatest ease. Within each one of them, you will be able to complete the corresponding board, loading the tasks that you have to complete within the assigned term.

Record the working time

To record the times used for each task, access the Time Record menu. From there, you will have a very simple table in which you can choose the project or activity, detail the tasks and place the hours with the minutes, according to the corresponding day. These variables will be at the hand of each registered user within your organization.

If you are looking for a tool to manage your projects and you think Asana does not convince you, we recommend you try MyTaskPanel completely free of charge. You will understand on your own that agile project management can be a simple and intuitive activity, without having to use only a simple task board.

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